The YHES Team

The friendly YHES House team consists of Staff and Volunteers who bring their skills and expertise from varying backgrounds. 



Manager/ Secretary:  Anne Ellis
Over 18 years experience in management

  • Oversees the general day to day running of the service
  • Provides leadership and manages staff and volunteers in achieving service and funding objectives.
Tamsyn Youth & Parenting Co-ordinatior:  Tamsyn Hall
Over 12 years experience in youth work

  • Provides personal support (assessment, case management, counselling, integrated response, advocacy, information and referral for youth and young parents)
  • Provides coordination and supervision of youth and parenting workers
   Youth & Parenting Worker   Nicci

  • Provides personal support (assessment, case management, integrated response, advocacy, information and referral) for youth and young parents
 Administrator / Receptionist:  Sandy

  • Oversees and provides administrative and reception support
  • Manages the systems and procedures to ensure the efficient and effective administrative function of the organisation
Youth Health Educator:  Faye

  • Develops, facilitates and  evaluates educative groups sessions and workshops relevant to the needs of young parents. Includes Childbirth Education, New Parents and Mother Crafting Groups
  • Provides Health and Well-being Sessions and Workshops to ‘at risk’ groups of young people. Sessions are designed to suit the group and include Safe Partying, Healthy Relationships, Sexual Health, Self Esteem and Goal Setting. 
  • Provides information, resources and skills to minimise the health risks associated with ‘at risk’ young people. 
   Youth & Parenting Support Worker  Kareen

  • Facilitates and  evaluates New Born Clinic in conjunction with Child Health Nurse.
  • Provides personal support and administrative support as needed.

Collaborative Programs 

Community Child Health Nurse

  • Provide Health related information  and support to young parents and their infants and young children including developmental assessments; weight checks; breast and bottle feeding assistance; sleep and settling routines and referrals