Thanks to YHES House I have my life back and am now thinking about studying.


I had been living on the streets since I was 22, I had schizophrenia, and wandered around lost and lonely for years, until I heard about YHES House.


They made me feel welcome and cared about my well-being. They gave me a survival pack, let me use their shower and laundry and provided counselling and access to a doctor, which is when I was diagnosed with schizophrenia.


After 6 months of working with YHES House I was able to get off the street and into a refuge…..and finally into a place of my own.



I first found out about YHES House from my best mate. I came to get a bit help with my drug and alcohol problem and get my life back on track.


I like everything about YHES House and talking to the nice people there. I was able to talk through some things with the youth worker, I was also able to look up jobs on the internet and use the laundry and shower facilities because I had no accommodation and was sleeping anywhere that I could find that was warm.


YHES House gave me some blankets and a survival pack and some food which really helped. The survival pack had blue plastic sheet that helped keep all my gear dry when it was raining. They also helped me out with transport to get to counselling meetings and to food aid.  I was also able to use their phone to call my mother who I hadn’t seen for a while and because of that I was able to meet up with her. YHES House is important because they help you out in any way they can. Thank you YHES House



I am 22 and first went to YHES House because I was homeless and had mental health problems.


YHES House helped me get a roof over my head, a safe place to sleep, an ear to talk to and has supported me through my mental health issues.

My case worker is a machine in getting things done for me. If it was not for her and the rest of the YHES House staff, I would not be where I am today. Thank you all very much for what you have given me, my qualtiy of life back to me.


Big thanks to YHES House.