Child Health Service


YHES Child Health Service is an outreach program of Child Youth & Family Health Service for young parents (25 years and under) with children (5 years and under).  Available at YHES House on Tuesday and Wednesday (see weekly schedule for times).  


 Child Health Services includes

  • New Born Group Clinic
  • Young Parent Group Clinic
  • Individual Assessments and Child Health Support


A qualified Child Health Nurse provides

  • Breast feeding assistance
  • Health related information for infants and young children
  • Developmental assessments
  • Behavioural management advice
  • Bottle feeding assistance
  • Weight checks
  • Referrals
  • Support with sleep and settling routines
  • Home visit on first appointment by request.




Interested? For more info phone: 55 285 333

 Location: 161 Scarborough Street, Southport