New Parents Group

For young mums and dads with babies 0-12 months


Babies don’t come with instruction manuals. YHES House New Parent Groups are a great place to learn more about the parenting experience.


There is plenty of time to talk to professionals and address any parenting concerns in a relaxed friendly setting.  Also, meet other young parents, find out about other services and check out what else YHES House can offer such as  individual support, counselling and other groups or workshops.



INTERESTED?      PHONE TO BOOK IN: Ph: 55 285 333


Space to unwind, support, friendship, discussion

Topics include:

  • Sleep & Settling
  • Introducing Solids to Baby
  • Contraception
  • Teeth & Teething
  • Support Services
  • Babies Development
  • Family Payments


Time: See Weekly Schedule

Location: 161 Scarborough Street, Southport QLD, 4215