Young Parents Stories



Jodie & Bridget W.


Bridget:  I started going to YHES House about four months ago for one on one counselling because my dad had advised me that I needed someone to talk to. I started to attend the New Parents Group shortly after that. The group has helped me to get out of the house and make new friends which have enabled me to keep a social life. The guest speakers have been great help in answering all my questions about parenting. I think that it is really important that my child Makayla attends the group so she can learn from the other babies by watching and interacting.




Jodie:  I love coming here because it gets me out of the house once a week, so I’m not sitting at home going crazy because I don’t really have anyone here.  So coming here I get to talk to all these girls and we add each other to Facebook, communicate through there, or just going to Australia Fair for an hour or two just shopping with the other girls, getting out of the house.  When I was pregnant with Baillie I started Child Birth Ed, so I did all the classes and when Baillie was 4 weeks I came to Young Parent Group. We came till Baillie was about one.,  Then when I had Willow one of the girls I’m friends with who was in the Young Parents Group said “you need to come to group and bring Willow”, so I just decided to come. I catch the bus because I don’t drive. I find it easier to go to Karen (YHES Child Health Nurse) because I’m here and I like her and its easier then getting on a bus to go to Surfers to see my doctor, and other girls have the same issues;  the other girls have partners so we can talk about that, and its good meeting new people.  YHES House has enabled me to meet lots of new people and also  provided me with different ideas for how to put my baby to sleep and what to feed her.  Each week I look forward to the  different guest speakers as they are a big help. 



Bridget K. 

My name is Bridget Krauss and I fell  pregnant in January 2009, when I was 15 years old. I was still at school but was not doing very well.  When I found out that I was pregnant with my boyfriend I was scared and also happy. I started to go to YHES House to attend the antenatal classes a couple months after I found out I was pregnant. I really enjoyed the hospital tour where I was able to see where I would be having my baby as well as what instruments the midwife would be using. As well as attending childbirth education classes at YHES House I decided to pursue my education and to complete my year eleven and twelve at TAFE. I was due to start the next semester in July and I could only do two subjects at a time, so I chose English and IT.  I have now finished my year 12 and I am on my way to completing a journalism course at home through Cengage Education.  I still attend the New Parents Group on Wednesdays and now thanks to Tamsyn (Youth Worker at YHES House) I have an opportunity to have my articles published in the YHES House newsletter.  I hope you will enjoy reading the pieces I have written.




I started to come to YHES House when I was pregnant with Lila to attend the child birth classes. I found out about this  service through my old school,   Nerang High.  Lila is now 8 months and I travel by bus from Labrador every Wednesday to attend the New Parent Group. YHES House has helped provide me with lots of great parenting advice and more.

In particular, the New Parents Group has helped me to make   social connections with other mums the same age as me.  Also, the guest speakers that have attended New Parent Group have been very helpful in providing different information about my baby’s development. I think that it is really important for Lila to attend the group because she gets a chance to interact with other babies