Centrelink is the government service that provides a range of services including financial support to Australians who are on low incomes, studying, are raising families or have retired. To be eligible for Centrelink payments you must have residency in Australia and be able to provide them with a variety of identification.


The important thing to remember when dealing with Centrelink is they do not know you, your circumstances or what you may be dealing with day to day. They can only go on the information that you have given them and they do have a set of guidelines or rules they have to follow. If you are having difficulty with a matter at Centrelink, or you don’t feel they understand what you are trying to tell them, you can ask to speak to another worker or a social worker.


There are a number of ways you can access Centrelink, by going in personally to one of their service centres, by phone or on the internet. This section gives you some information but you may need more so check out the Centrelink website.


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Appointments and opening hours: 13 10 21
Report Employment Income: 13 32 76
Self Service: 13 62 40
Customer Relations: FreeCALLTM 1800 050 004
Centrelink Multilingual Call: 13 12 02
Fraud Tip-off Line: 13 15 24
Debt Recovery: 13 63 30
Indigenous Debt Recovery: FreeCALLTM 1800 138 193
Centrelink International Services: 13 16 73
TTY: FreeCALLTM 1800 810 586
TTY Customer Relations: FreeCALLTM 1800 000 567

*TTY is for hearing or speech impaired persons.


Use these numbers for enquiries about services and payments:

Employment Services: 13 28 50
Retirement Services: 13 23 00
Disability, Sickness and Carers: 13 27 17
Family Assistance Office: 13 61 50
Youth and Student Services: 13 24 90
ABSTUDY: 13 23 17
Financial Information National Seminar Booking Service: 13 63 57
Assistance for Isolated Children (AIC): 13 23 18
National Business Gateway: 13 11 58
Assurance of Support: 13 28 50
TTY ABSTUDY: FreeCALLTM 1800 639 109

*TTY is for hearing or speech impaired persons.

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If you want to make a complaint about a Centrelink service, you can:

Telephone Customer Relations line : FreeCALLTM 1800 050 004
Telephone TTY Customer Relations Service : FreeCALLTM 1800 000 567
Complete a “Tell Us What You Think” fact sheet
Speak to a Centrelink Customer Service Officer at any Centrelink Office
Use the Centrelink website to send a message
Or write to them at:

Centrelink Customer Relations
Reply Paid 7788
Canberra Business Centre ACT 2610

*TTY is for hearing or speech impaired persons.

You can choose to provide feedback to Centrelink anonymously.



They might ask for as much specific detail about your situation as you can including dates, any details from letters you have been sent, anything you may have discussed with them on the phone etc. It is always a good idea to get the name of the person you are talking to and ask them for a receipt number. This can be given to you if they need to record or change anything on your file.

Centrelink has a policy of responding to any complaint or even positive feedback so they should get back to you within at least 7 days.

If you don’t get the response you wanted and don’t agree with the decision Centrelink makes then you can ask for a review by the person who made the original decision or ask for a review of the decision by an Authorized Review officer. You can also contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman.


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